Freeze Dried Duck Breast Strips
Freeze Dried Duck Breast Strips
Freeze Dried Duck Breast Strips
Freeze Dried Duck Breast Strips

Freeze Dried Duck Breast Strips

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Size 40g

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Discover the epitome of gourmet treats for your pets with our Freeze-Dried Duck Breast Strips – a savory delight suitable for both dogs and cats! Crafted from premium duck breast, these strips offer a wholesome and irresistible snacking experience.

Why choose our Freeze-Dried Duck Breast Strips? Packed with high-quality protein, these treats support your pet's muscle development, making them an ideal addition to a balanced diet. The freeze-drying process preserves the natural flavors and nutrients, ensuring your furry friends receive the best without any added preservatives.

Health benefits abound in every strip! Duck is not only a lean protein source but also rich in essential vitamins and minerals. From promoting a shiny coat to supporting overall immune function, these strips contribute to your pet's well-being in every delicious bite.

Whether you have a discerning dog or a finicky feline, our Freeze-Dried Duck Breast Strips cater to the most refined palates. Treat your pets to a gourmet experience that not only indulges their taste buds but also nurtures their health. Elevate their snacking with the finest – choose Freeze-Dried Duck Breast Strips for a happy and healthy pet.

• freeze dried
• single ingredient
• small batch
• antibiotic/hormone free

QUANTITY: 35-40g dried (90g raw) and 90-100g dried (190-200g raw)


On a scale from 1 to 5 (5 being smelliest) this treat is rated as a 1/5.

• For optimal freshness, keep product in the sealed bag provided or airtight container of your choice
• Store treats in a cool, dark & dry place
• Wash hands with soap and water after handling
• Always supervise your pet when feeding

Room Temperature: 1 month
Refrigerated: 2 months
Freezer: 1 year