If you've met our dog (Kali) , you'd know she is a picky eater when it comes to treats and food. Ever since she was a puppy, she has refused to eat the same brand of food for more than two to three weeks. She was also super picky when it comes to treats. We've tried so many brands and we had to give away most of them. Because our dog was not treat motivated (or so we thought) we had a difficult time training her. It wasn't until we started Oh My Dogness in 2021 that we found out that Kali was a treat snob. She would only eat treats that were made in small batches for optimal freshness! Once we discovered that, oh boy, did we have her attention!

We started this company in 2021 because we considered our dogs to be our family, and we only give our family the very best. We researched the pet food industry and were disappointed in what we found.  Factory farming, unsanitary living conditions and antibiotics - oh my! We knew we could do our furry family members better and set off to visit our local Ontario farms.  We got to know the farmers who raise our animals and showed us their facilities, how they raise and process their animals in the most humane way possible.  We take great pride in knowing that the meat that we use to make our treats are all human grade and we know exactly where they come from!  The animals are all pasture raised and free from antibiotics and hormones.

We consider food safety as number one priority. As mentioned above, it starts with the local sourcing. Then we ensure that all proteins are frozen for at least two weeks to kill off any harmful bacteria. We know that some small businesses choose to "clean" their treats with detergent - but we'd rather not use harmful chemicals when processing our treats. Instead, OMD treats are gently rinsed in an apple cider vinegar solution to prevent any bacterial growth. Then our treats and bones are dehydrated at the right temperature to prevent bacterial growth. We ensure that all bones are air-dried at low temperature to prevent shattering into dangerous pieces like most cooked, smoked or baked bones. 

Over the last few years of research, we have developed a solid knowledge base between both raw and kibble feeding. We don't judge what you feed, we simply believe in feeding the best you can for your dog, for your lifestyle!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you so much for choosing our treats!

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